A Very Enjoyable Sunday

We woke up to a beautiful Honduras day. After a devotion and a good pancake breakfast, we went to Tejeras for Sunday school and the feeding of the children. Arriving at Tejeras, we saw a beautiful and very functional building that not only had a roof, concrete floors and tables/benches for the children, but also the outside and inside of the building is now painted in beautiful colors.


Pastor Wilmer and Sandra led a very lively and spiritual Sunday school, with energetic participation by the children.



The children then enjoyed a good meal of rice and spaghetti, which we helped to serve.



For lunch, we were invited to the home Graciela Paz, where we enjoyed great hospitality and a delicious lunch. Graciela shared her vision and goals for Hope For Honduras. She is modeling this new organization after the Agape Promise program. She has identified twelve “river children” (children that live in homes along the river similar to the Tejeras homes along the highway) that she hopes to find sponsors for, so that they may complete their education. Currently, four of them have sponsors and have been integrated with our AP program.


This afternoon we attended AP Sunday School. About 65 students were present, including a few younger siblings and 2 of Sandra’s grandchildren.  The younger children were making Father’s Day cards for their fathers and sponsors.  At the end of the program, all the children and our mission team had some great Honduran ice cream.




Afterward, several of the AP boys and Ben (Patty’s 13 year-old son on our team) had a very robust pick-up soccer game.


The day concluded with another of Gloria’s delicious dinners.

We look forward to another great day tomorrow when we will visit the mountain villages of Teo and Arena Blanca.

God is good.