20 Mayo 2015

The Ruts Were Used

We made the same trip as yesterday… up the mountain we zigged… we zagged to the Federation outpost of Teo, with the sure and certain hope of finishing the projects for the community and school. The ruts less traveled yesterday were used today. The ride was thrilling as always! Being a nature lover, I loved looking at the flora and fauna, wishing I could stop and take pictures but if we did that we would never get to where we were going.

Senor Mater, Marco Francisco and Chris… worked on the light and electricity project for the school. Somewhere in between providing electricity for the classrooms, another project was taken on by Daniela and the band of Honduran translators and drivers. Their mission was to run a cable between the kitchen and the school so that lights could be installed there as well… How many people does it take to put two wires in a plastic pipe? I saw at least 15 shaking and beating on the pipe so the wire would travel thru it… Where was GoPro boy when you needed him? Once that was accomplished, it was buried between the buildings and tomorrow we will finish the installation. I believe that we could have completed the electrical project today, but with the additional work, we came up short on materials to finish one classroom.  I am proud of Senor Patronada Chris, he finally put in a full day’s work cutting in electrical boxes rather than barking orders while everyone ignored him… It was a good day for everyone in Teo, and tomorrow we will celebrate the lighting of the school!

Meanwhile Hodo and his hard working men from the YMCA pursued digging about 24 holes to China aka footers for the picnic table. While they were digging the holes they encountered more roots than the Jimmy Fallon Band. Never the less the footers are ready for mooking in the morning.

The girls, Que Pasa, Madster, and Larry, started the day by cutting wire and conduit to be installed in the classes. In between odd jobs throughout the day we played with the children. We are worn out from playing jump rope, climbing trees and playing chase. These kids are absolutely adorable with their bright smiles! One boy surprised us and took the jump rope and lassoed Madster, Willbur, Nico, Hunterzilla and Rosie and drug them around the school yard as the other children followed laughing and giggling.

Before lunch one of the children shimmied up the coconut tree and knocked out some coconuts. This is no small feat for the tree is about 25 feet tall. A young boy used a machete to cut an opening in the coconut about the size of a quarter for us to drink the milk. Once that was done they whacked them in half and we ate the pulp. Legend has it; from birth the boys are given a machete for their first toy and they learned to wield it with the accuracy of King Arthur and his famed sword Excalibur.

A day of hard work and fun was enjoyed by all. I have made some new friends and look forward to seeing them again next year.

Down the mountain we skated with all the fun our kidneys could stand from the rutted road… and the ruts will be conquered once again tomorrow. Back at the compound we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Sandra and Gloria, the café dealers who have a new addicted fan in me.