21 Mayo 2015

Beneath Between Behind

Today we ventured back to the mountain community of Teo. With sure and certain hope we would complete the electrical project for the school and the footings for the picnic tables. It is a time that we can celebrate the gifts that we brought to this community, not necessarily the lighting system for the school or the construction of a picnic table, but the gifts that each one of the team members brings in their heart… along with the sharing of their gifts and talents.

Beneath the surface of our team is the agape love of Jesus Christ. That love is the very foundation of our team and our purpose for being here in Honduras. It is the motivation within each one that causes us to push a little harder, especially when we are tired and exhausted. Although I was busy trying to complete the task assigned to me, I was able to step back and watch the interaction between the gringos and the people of Teo…  I sensed a bond of love and kinship being formed between everyone. We tried our best to communicate with broken Spanish to the children even using sign language in an attempt to share the love that was set in our heart… to make a difference no matter how small… to share the true light which is found in Jesus. Today is also a time of sorrow as well. We know that when we leave this mountain community a small part of our heart will stay behind… Every road we travel and community that we visit, there we will deposit a small imprint of love, a love that we discovered many years ago for some… for others it is a refreshed spirit. None the less, our hope is that all have seen the torch bearers of Christ bring an infectious love that will bring forth the light of hope… to be shared for the generations to come well after we have exited stage left.

Marco Francisco