2009 HAF Mission Season Off to Good Start!

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Greetings to our friends and loved ones back home!

This morning, the first contingent of the January mission team, consisting of George Dewhirst (of Beaufort, SC), Lee Coulter, John Keeler (of Elberton, GA), Jerry Taylor, and Tommy Thompson, left Aiken about 4:30 this morning for their 7:15 flight out of Columbia. They were met in Atlanta by Ken & June Blohm. After a slightly bumpy flight, but otherwise uneventful trip, we all arrived safely in Quimistan around 3:00 p.m.

The second part of our team will arrive Sunday afternoon.

Following greetings by old friends and new, we got down to planning our work projects. Check the next installment for a progress report on Santa Clara, where we plan to go to work in the morning.

Today’s 12-hour trip, following a short night’s sleep, has been physically draining, but we are emotionally and spiritually pumped, and look forward to doing God’s work in the coming days. We miss you all, but are glad we can keep in contact this way.

Keep praying!