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October 20, 2012 We began the day visiting with the teachers of the Agape Promises program. These four ladies, including two who are in high school, are dedicated to teaching the Word of God to our sponsored children and encouraging them to stay in school and do well. The program now has fifty sponsored children and several more children regularly attend the lessons. Afterwards, each of the team members who sponsor a child had a chance to visit with them. The university students came to visit with us later in the day. These two young ladies were in the AP program. Laura has been in AP since before Maynor started working with us. Both plan to become dentists. The program takes six years. One of them, Iveth, is in the first year and Laura in the third year. After talking with them about their courses, we were all convinced that they have the intelligence and the drive needed to finish their studies. They both look forward to a time when they can come back and help in the Honduras Agape dental clinics. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Later in the afternoon, we went to the birthday party for Jocelyn, one of the AP teachers who is a junior in high school. She is yet another wonderful example of an AP student who has grown into a teacher. She was very pleased to have us come to her party. The team had dinner at Goyita’s restaurant and we marveled at the new indoor soccer facility that the Mejia family has built on the other side of their home from the restaurant. This facility looks like something I would expect to see in Aiken. The field came from the USA and is the latest artificial turf, with sand base and small rubber pellets mixed in with the grass. The first phase of construction for this facility is now complete. Plans for the next phase of construction include exercise equipment and a game room as well as a second floor area to enjoy fast food and watch the soccer games. This may become a favorite place for mission teams to visit and relax.