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October 17, 2012 Today we visited La Montanita. After meeting with the leaders of the village, we met with the students who have been able to continue their education beyond the sixth grade, with help from HAF sponsors. The parents expressed their gratitude for the foundation doing what they cannot afford to do for their children, and the young people expressed a strong desire to stay in school. It was really heart-warming to see these young people who wish to get an education. We also met with pastors from all the churches. The Catholic representative was the first one to speak and told us that they all get along and share the materials they have received for training their children. When asked about the need for additional Bibles it became apparent that some of the pastors had shared Bibles so that members of other churches could have them. This is truly watching God at work. We stopped by Milpa Arada to check on the progress in the cocina (kitchen) at their school and found the teachers working at laying tile in the floor. It will look really nice when completed and will serve all of the community.