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Oct 15, 2012 We arrived in Quimistan after an uneventful trip a little past 1pm, Honduran Standard Time. After a nice lunch, we met with Dr. Constantino and Maynor, to discuss the medical mission activities and our schedule for the week. The main purpose of this trip is to gather information which will be used in our vision conference to establish plans for our 2013 mission activity. Two very interesting items we learned include that a Red Cross representative told Maynor that there has been a marked improvement in respiratory health recently due to the people having Justa Stoves. We also learned that the ladies in La Montanita, who started sewing with HAF assistance, and then grew into a bakery business, have been noticed by USAID, which has donated ~$3000 to help them improve their bakery facilities. God is good and has rewarded these ladies for their hard work. I view this as confirmation of HAF’s micro enterprise development activities in La Montanita. After our meetings we had the evening meal and turned our attention to settling into our quarters and getting ready for a much needed shower and a good night’s rest.