25 Mayo 2015

First Blood

Play time is over, today we returned to work, for that is why we are here, to serve God… by serving others. The teams split into two separate groups again, Senor Jefe Chris aka the Scorpion King, and his second Lieutenant Jefe Mater lead the merry band of brave warriors into battle against a might foe…a long thin mohawked critter called paint brush and their long neck allies the paint roller. Larry and the crew will add to this post later. The rest of the team ventured back to the land of el Comino to battle a fierce grasshopper tribe known as the Stripped Stickum’ Clan; who by their nature are swift, cunning and silent…

Naturally the day began in full Honduran tradition… go to the job site and look at what materials you need… take a two hour break until the materials arrive, drink all of your water from the cooler to remain hydrated in the shade until it is all gone, kick it into high gear for an hour and then eat lunch… After lunch go back to work feeling as though you have swallowed a liter of sand and your mouth parched like the Goby desert for the rest of the day… In truth that is not exactly how it went down, but it’s really close.

Hodo played lead cowbell in preparation for his audition for Blue Oyster Cult reunion tour next year. I am telling the man has great talent… Officer Donnie drew first blood today while handling the metal studs for the roof, so he was reassigned to Hodo and assisted the youngsters Hunterzilla, Nico and Rosie in completing the screening project of the Federation outpost project / church / kindergarten. Their mission for the day was to seal up the unwanted seams and limit the kamikaze grasshoppers from infiltrating the students during their studies. Daniela and Marco Francisco began constructing and welding the metal rafters for the Banos… once they were welded into place they began to lay block and packed mook in the gaps and create a nice tight seal… There is nothing worse than being sniped by an over grow grasshopper while taking a break from the action… if you smell what the Rock is cooking…  After the screens were stapled in the team cut and installed some wooden trim to finish off the job. I will give the young lads credit, the Amish would be jealous of their craftsmanship; job well done guys!

Maynor Grande brought a young student named Ana to visit us at the job site after lunch. She goes to the university in San Pedro Sula in hopes of becoming a teacher here in Honduras someday. I would like to give a big shout out to my employer Vesco ToyotaLifts of Hickory for donating a laptop computer to her so that she can keep up with her class work.  By mid-afternoon most of the team left for a short side trip to the river Kwai for a little cooling off time; while Daniela, Marco and Hodo stayed behind to get fried, dyed and laid to the side… Our mission was to finish the roof framing in preparation for the installation of the tin sheeting first thing in the morning before the sun bears down on us and cooks us like a gringo egg… sunny side up!

The evening at the compound was spent in the company of Samuel and Roxanna as we dined on Tilapia, veggies and a couple of Jalapeno peppers for good measure. Many team members shared their experiences and interactions with the local children and people of Qumistand. Still others shared their encounters with a risen Savior and Lord with heart felt stories from their day of service. Until I am more aware and coherent of my own universe, Buenos Noches Amigos!

Marco Francisco Valle Valle

Today Jefe Mater, Senor Jefe Chris aka The Scorpion King, Wilbur, Madster, Que Pase, Larry, both Maynors  (Maynor Grande and Maynor Dos) a long with our fearless driver Pablo Francisco Valle Valle went back to the Luz de Valle School with hope of finishing the work begun Friday.

When we arrived Jefe Mater and Wilbur tackled making the electricity safer and they did an awesome job.  After a discussion with the teacher about stains and paint for the cabinet doors the rest of us jumped into sanding the trim and giving the walls a second coat of paint. The kids were peeking in as usual and we could hear them in the school yard making monkey sounds so Senor Jefe Chris had to put in his two cents of monkey noise to the delight of the children.

It was a long hot day of sanding, painting and staining. We were grateful that the Maynor’s arranged with one of the teachers to prepare us some local coffee and it was muy delicioso!  But Jefe loco monkey Chris the Scorpion King says it is muy braino! This is his Wilkes county version of very good in Spanish!

Before we headed back to the compound we took a side trip to a nearby river where some took a quick swim and all of us enjoyed some fellowship. We finished off the night with a wonderful meal prepared by Sandra and her wonderfully awesome kitchen crew!

Larry, Madster y Que Pasa