28 Mayo 2015

The Last Mile

Today is our last full day of activities here in Honduras. Rather than fervently working on a project today, we travel back to Teo because the community leaders and teachers had asked that we return and celebrate the work on the school and community. We loaded up early in the autobus and traveled the long and winding road back up the mountain to Teo. We have seen little rain here in the valley, but the roads in the higher elevations were horrendous and the sippy hole gigantic… Pablo did a great job of keeping us safe and an even better job of not getting us stuck in the middle of one Olympic swimming pool size mud holes.

After we arrived, several of the team members went on a short hike up the mountain and gazed at the border of Guatemala… Some stayed behind to guard the infamous magical music machine from Hodo’s collection. There we sang songs while some locals entertained us with their musical talents. I did not understand the words, but it sounded wonderful. The remaining members ventured out into the community and ended up at the local pulpria, which is not a pub, but better known to the gringos as a convenience store to sit in the cool shade and sip on a cold Coca Cola and chat with the locals about the price of rice in China… Que Pasa and Larry spotted a newly deliver batch of machetes and purchased one for personal protection… Thank goodness there was not a 3 day waiting period for a back ground check. The hikers arrived shortly after that and were drenched in Honduran humidity while gasping for air to fill their depleted lungs. No rest for the wicked my friends; the Hondurans were yelling at us, ‘Venga’ which means to come along.

We were told that the B-B-Q would be held on the river and it was a short 15 minute walk… Yea Right! 15 minute walk in Honduran translate to a 40 minute gringo! We traveled down a narrow goat path dodging mud holes, grassy trails (watch out for snakes) across two streams and finally crossing the river to a sand bar where the grill was set up and the food was being prepared… The grill was not quite a Webber grill master; it was more like a Ford truck wheel on a stand and the food was cooked over homemade charcoal… We swam in the river with some children from the school, did a little sun bathing, now officer Donnie looks like a lobster! After the meal we packed up and took the 15 minute Honduran hike back up the trail to the village and departed amid the showers of gratitude from many gathered to wish us well.

Along the journey back to Quimstand Pablo Francisco saw a snake lying in the road… He slid to a stop and proceeded to pick the darn thing up and started playing with it! Taunting those, like me who only dislike 4 kinds of snakes, live one, dead ones, poisonous and non-poisonous ones… That is one crazy dude! We arrived at the compound shortly thereafter, cleaned up to eat out tonight at our favorite Chicken Joint, Gorditias followed by some Futbol at the indoor stadium. Then we again returned to the compound to begin the process of packing up to head home tomorrow. We miss our families and I know they miss us very much as well. This has been a great mission trip; I want to thank everyone for your love support and dedication to this project. For the prayers, financial support, text messages, emails to keep us in tune with the events that have transpired while we were away.

Tonight I sign off as the Blogmaster for 2015 with some lyrics from the band Cinderella and their song, “The Last Mile”

I got a long way to go before I reach the light of day… Monkey’s on my back I gotta find a better way… Same old story never get just what you want… The more you got the more you want… Sometimes you do and then you don’t… I guess I’ve always been a travelin’ man… Cause when I’m movin’ I can make a stand…

And walk the last mile…

Cast of the 2015 WUMC Mission Team in order of appearance:

Senor Jefe Chris                                         Chris Lakey

Marco Francisco Valle Valle                  Mark Reavill

Jefe Mater                                                   Jerry Kilby

Hodo                                                              Tom Schardt

Officer Donnie                                           Donald Thornton

Hunterzilla                                                  Hunter Combs

Nico                                                               Nick McNeil

Wilur                                                             Will Stutts

Rosie                                                             Perry Lowe

Larry                                                              Lucie (Lu) Cooper

Que Pasa                                                      Kay Hayes

Madster                                                       Madison Hayes

Special thanks to Daniela Reyes, Maynor Casstillo, Pablo Castillo, Maynor Villanueva, Mario Orellama Transportation, Sandra, Gloria and Delmin kitchen staff, Honduras Agape Foundation, Wilkesboro United Methodist Church, Asbury & Hanes Grove United Methodist Church, Lewisville United Methodist Church, and to our families and friends, those who helped in many ways to support us this year; God Bless and good night.

Marco Francisco Valle Valle