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         It is a little weird waking up this morning knowing that it is our last day in beautiful Honduras.  This trip has been an abundant blessing to all of us and it saddens us team members knowing tomorrow we will be back in the U.S.A.  The morning started as all mornings do; a great breakfast, followed by a short meeting of the plans to come.  The plans were that some of us would go to Moñtanita to measure a railing for replacement, while the others hung back to go shop a little.  The trip to Moñtanita went fast and before we went home we had to stop for some fresh bread! Sarah really loved that part because she was able to play with the newly born puppies that were at the bakery. Before we knew it we were back down the mountain.  We were all excited to get to the waterfall and swim and relax a little!  As we arrived to the ranch we all ate a little lunch and proceeded to head towards the falls.  The hike to the falls was a hot one considering that the fields beside of us were burning crops!  As soon as we reached the “jungle” part of the hike, things cooled down for us a little.  Seeing and hearing water was a sweet relief!  We arrived at a waterfall that was not that far ahead, but heard that the waterfall we were going to was bigger and better.  Hiking around the first waterfall we started to see the beginnings of a big pool of water followed by an almost 25ft waterfall!  We all were excited not only to see the water, but to know that swimming and jumping in were ahead!  The team took no hesitation to find their way to the top of the falls to jump in.  
The water felt amazing and was the perfect temperature for swimming.

After a few hours of swimming and down time, we headed back towards the van to make it to the ranch for dinner.  Our dinner was very good, as always, and filled us up quite well.  Afterwards Daniel took Aaron, Alex, and I to see about purchasing a Honduras soccer jersey.  While we were out, Dane bought Jose (a 10-year-old kid at the ranch) a brand new soccer ball to play with.  
Coming home we ran into Jose walking on the road to the ranch.  We picked him up and took him with us.  When we got out of the car we told him that the new soccer ball he had been holding and playing with was his.  It was great to see his face light up as he realized what was really going on. Following that we knew that the time had come for packing.  So here we are, packing away and waiting for the morning to leave for our flight.  Jarred is also giving Debbie, our translator, a couple of dreadlocks tonight since she decided to spend the night with the girls. This trip has touched us in so many ways.  The children, families, scenery, and translators have been truly a blessing to us.  Our trip here was to serve the people and do God’s work, but I believe I can speak for us all when I say that we are equally as thankful for them as they are for us.  It has been hot and it hasn’t been the easiest thing, but we are here for God’s glory to shine through us and all of that seems to go away when you think about why we are here.  God has moved in us, and God has moved in the people here.  Nothing else matters!  This has been a great trip, and we can only hope that our next one is as good.  We will come home and carry out the same qualities we show here.  To be a light to this world and share the love of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!  We hope you guys have enjoyed this blog, and we love you all!  Expect to see us home sometime tomorrow!

God Bless,
Jim Coleman

(editing by Sarah Webb)