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Time to Say “Adios”

Today (Friday) was our last full day here. Roxanne, George, and Tommy served 92 children this morning, providing antiparasitic medicine, dental hygiene, and fluoride treatment at the Milpa Arada Elementary school. Our dental team once again exceeded expectations, treating about 25 patients in a full, 10-hour work day. Overall, our team has had a great experience. Below, they have described it in their own words.

I’ve really enjoyed this trip. I was lucky enough to jump in on this particular medical trip last year and was chomping at the bit to get back this year. I love the small team we have had and our ability to see many different villages and function as a small unit. George is our Captain, keeping our ship running. Tommy is the Photo and Toy man, always able to get the kids smiling. Roxanne is the team busy-body and detail checker, never letting a detail pass her by (or trying at least). I’m just the young muscle and and all-around Gofer (‘Go for’ this or ‘Go for’ that). And of course the Dentists + Karen are the working clinic slaves. They toil away in the clinic salt mine till all is done. 😉 I’ve really enjoyed this chance to work for the Lord and help these children see the love of Christ, as well as help ourselves see it among each other.
– Dane

What a wonderful week this has been! It has touched and changed my life in so many ways. I came with a little hesitation and left Honduras blessed by God! God is truly doing his work through this organization. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve God.
– Kevin

Another great trip with a small team that did more with less. The dentists were wonderful, and we witnessed a miracle at the Tejeras feeding on Wednesday evening. It doesn’t get any better than that. Praise God for His awesome power!
– George

Even after six years, God continues to bless the missionaries by allowing us to witness His grace and love for His people in need. My heart was touched by the children at Tejeras as we fed them and I saw the gratitude and thankfulness in their eyes. What a wonderful mission. We on the dental tam are so lucky to be able to provide help for the children of Quimistan and the surrounding villages. The addition of a third dentist this year was great! Looking forward to returning next year. God bless.
– Charlie

Once again, I must say goodbye to my Honduran friends and ‘family’. It doesn’t get any easier with time, in fact, it may be more difficult as I do not know when I will return due to my mother’s health. But what I do know is that until I return I will cherish the memory of each child I was able to hug; each time when I asked if they understood what I was telling them about how much Jesus loves them in my Spanglish and they responded they did; the servant’s heart of my team mates; the hospitality of Dona Martha; the beauty of the flora and mountains; and the love of our Lord Jesus given in return for the privilege of coming as His hands and feet. Until next time, bendiciones a Dios!
– Roxanne

Why do I keep coming back to Quimistan, Honduras? The 1000+ pictures that I have snapped over the past 10 days does not begin to describe the beautiful surroundings, the wonderful hospitality, the fun of playing ball or blowing bubbles with the kids, the expressions of gratitude, and the friendliness of the people.  It is awesome to experience so much faith from a people with so little material possessions, as I attempt, in my small way, to witness my faith to them.

To serve here is truly a privilege. As this team has worked together to make life a little easier for the people of Honduras in many different ways, I am once again reminded that you can’t outgive God.
I cherish every smiling face I have seen (and I have seen a lot of them here), every “Gracias” I have heard, and every “Bendiciones a Dios” that has been earnestly bestowed on us during this trip. I look forward to returning soon.

Until next time, “Adios, amigos”.
– Tommy