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As Jenna and I sit here, we are somewhat at a loss for words. Each day brings with it something new and unforseen. Even though we are doing a lot of the same task, the people that we come into contact with make each experience different.

This morning the majority of us loaded into a vehicle destined for a school in Banderas (a small community up the highway). Apparently the maximum capacity of the vehicle was surpassed. We were stopped by the national police who then questioned Arturo extensively as to where we were going and why. By the grace of God, the police had compassion on us, and we were not ticketed. This was truly amazing seeing as how the fine for this infraction is very hefty. This incidence goes to show how God honors those who are trying to serve them. Nonetheless, we certainly didn’t want to push our luck, so we took two trips back.

Once in Banderas, we administered the typical deworming medication and fluoride. Because it was a smaller school than the others, we were able to do more with the kids. I had made little cross necklaces to give to some children, and it turned out that I had enough for all the grade school kids. The kindergardeners got to play with lots of balloons. After the passing out of necklaces and balloons, eight of us grabbed bags of purchased rice and beans from the back of the truck to go door to door evangilizing. We found families who were in great need of food, and told them about the love of Jesus. Each bag of rice and beans had a little Spanish track included so that the families could read more about God and being saved. Brittany, Blakely, George, and Jenna remained at the school to play numerous games with the children. When we got back the kids were in the midst of a “Blakely Says” game. I joined in and it soon evolved into follow the leader and “Hot Avocado” (there were no potatoes available). In the picture George is in the middle of an intense game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

The construction group made great progress today. Only one person is needed at site 2 tomorrow, because basically all that is left to do is the roof. The materials for that are not yet available. Site 1 will be the greatest concentration tomorrow. Team members will be doing concrete, steel bars, and other things to catch it up the level of the other house. Whoever goes in the morning will for sure be plently busy.

We have gotten the afternoon eye clinic down pat. The people come in in an organized fashion and leave with a pair of glasses that helps them to see. I have been taught a very valuable lesson today. Every day that the clinic has been opened thus far, I have been in the examining room. I have been the operator of the auto refractor. Today I wanted to see the final stage of the process, so I checked Jenna out on the machine and went to the fitting room. After a while, I noticed that some of the people were very greatful, while others were not so much. When I got back I started thinking. We are not here to receive praise. Our sole purpose in coming is to spread the love of Jesus. It is instances like that that make you remember why it is that you came. I am very appreciative for being shown a different perspective on the issue.

After dinner tonight, some of the more adventurous missionaries (Blakely, Jenna, Brittany, Jenn, George, and I) went to see close friends of the veteran team members play soccer. The boys, and one girl, were really excited that we came to watch. Their ages ranged from probably about 8 to 17. The field was extremely small, but they played better than any American kids that I have seen.

Until later,

Morgan Fletcher
(Jenna has become my blogging buddy. Even though she did not have to stay up, she has chosen to stay with me to keep me company and pick out pictures.)