8 year sponsors meet Riccy today!

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What an incredible day! The most moving event occurred at the very end of a long day. But first things first…we had a very smooth day of travel and are so thankful for that. After settling in to this beautiful compound, we set out to explore the community in which we will be working this coming week. First, we visited the hospital which just opened last June. What a wonderful place they have built! There are facilities for x-rays, labor and delivery, pediatrics, dentistry, OB-GYN, an on-site laboratory and emergency medicine. A much needed blessing for this community.
Next, we visited many of the houses that have been built by Agape teams over the past 8-10 years. It was a pleasure getting to visit with these families. As a first-time team member, this was quite an eye opening experience. It is amazing how little these people have and how happy they are despite it. God is great!

So finally, the most amazing thing happened at dusk as we were ending our journey for the evening. A couple traveling with us from Canada visited here 8 years ago. During their visit, they met a family here which they fell in love with. Upon returning home, they decided to sponsor one of the children, Riccy, who was 2 years old at the time. This sponsorship has continued for 8 years. To their surprise, Maynor and Pablo had taken steps to find the family and as we rode down their road, Jenny and Arthur immediately recognized Riccy, their sponsor child. They both jumped out of the car and we all witnessed a tearful reunion. Wow, what a moment!