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Woke up to a beautiful morning of birds chirping and goats maa-ing and most of you know I’m not usually a “morning person”. After breakfast, I even took some pictures before we all headed off to the Clinic.

Our morning there started off with a bang, literally. Charley’s portable dental unit was the cause and therefore, wasn’t working. Later, Charley tried it and it was functioning again – thank the Dear Lord! Several power outages changed the schedule, too, (that’s why the job of “flashlight holder” is necessary), so extractions were performed during those times. “Dentistas” Randy and Charlie are very flexible.

Our translators were very helpful – one being a high school-aged girl that we met for the first time and also helped as an assistant.

We served a total of 28 patients today, of which 20 were AP students. The dental work included 12 cleanings, 14 fillings and 31 extractions. A long day for sure!

As treasurer, Tommy did some banking and took lots of pictures of the children, as you can see below.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’m so glad I came – will have many stories to tell.