A Busy Friday

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Hiking in La Montanita
After bidding farewell to Jerry, who was to fly home today, Karen, George, and I enjoyed the scenic, 40-minute ride to the mountain community of La Montanita.  We started out in the schoolhouse, with meetings on Bibles/Sunday School literature needs, construction of additional latrines/stoves, and higher education.

Schooling in LM only goes to 6th grade. This past year, HAF sponsored 4 children to attend 7th grade in Pinalejo on Sundays.  We met with 3 of them.  (The fourth was out of town on an errand.)  The 3 we talked to expressed their gratitude to God and HAF for the opportunity to continue their education.  All 4 did well in school, and wish to continue with 8th grade if possible.  There are 12 more now graduating from 6th grade, but no information yet as to how many would like to attend 7th grade.  Most of the 12, no doubt, will be required to go to work to help to help support their family.
Following the meetings, we spent an hour or so hiking to 3 of the 4 churches in LM, which sometimes involved a steep and treacherous path.   

 At the Church of the Good Samaritan, the pastor’s daughter, models one of the 25 chairs donated by HAF.

We finished up our LM visit with a cup of coffee at Juana’s home, while her granddaughter did the laundry.
Kitchen Request at Milpa Arada
On the way home from La Montanita, we stopped at the Milpa Arada school, near Pinalejo.  The kitchen there is not usable, except for storage, and they have requested help torenovate this building, including replastering inside and out.  New beams are also needed, as the existing ones have been destroyed by termites.