A Day In Teo

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Meeting with Village Leaders
The day started out with a meeting with 12 of the village leaders to get an update on their current priorities.  Water, which was their #1 priority in January is now a critical need.  Allen is the water expert and will have lots more news.

Women’s Roundtable
June met with the women of the village to understand their concerns.  Sometimes we see things differently.  Water was on the top of their list of preoccupations too.  Next was the need for a molino, a machine that grinds wet corn into masa, the stuff that becomes tortillas.  Currently the grinding is done by hand and is very labor intensive.  The ladies want one the community could share. What a blessing they are thinking of ways to benefit the whole village. 

The photo below is of Iris, the midwife, and Vilma, the wife of the village leader.

Story of the nebulizer and the inverter
Thanks to the creativity of Bruce Eberhard we were able to run a nebulizer in TEO. Using an inverter, which can operate from a car battery, we powered up the nebulizer. On the next visit of our doctor, people in the village with asthma and respiratory problem will be able to be treated more effectively.