A Day in Teo

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After a beautiful sunrise, a delicious breakfast of ‘pancaky’, a glitch in the banking system (which only frustrated the team leader as the team was waiting at the ranch), we finally departed to the “Road to Teo”.  This was a first for the majority of our team and a treat to be sure. The ride along and up into the mountains is beautiful.  The view of the valley below a testament to God’s creative glory.

Although all schools are on vacation this week, we were met by the majority of the school children who readily received their anti- parasitic meds and the fluoride treatment.  During  a reminder by one of the mom’s and Maynor of the importance of good dental hygiene, our med student did random oral checks…..we, they, have a long way to go to teach this concept into daily habits but we are on the path.

Following the treatment, we were guests to an incredible meal by the women of the town cooked on a Justa stove (pictured below).

Following the meal, the older adults toured ten of the homes who have the new stoves, asking some questions to assess performance and satisfaction…..all owners are thrilled with the lack of smoke in the home, use of less wood, and the ability to maintain an even griddle.  The town leaders chose to assign  many of the new stoves to asthma suffers even building one woman with sever asthma an annexed kitchen with a Justa stove.

The youth of the US and those of Teo had fun playing beach ball bust (kicking a beach ball can lead to just that:); jump rope, bubbles, and a sketchy translated version of ‘Red Rover’….the translator was with the stove tour group.

Another item, the board has tasked us with was to do some water testing.  We easily got two samples from homes we visited but when it came to obtaining the sample from the tank, Juan Jose eagerly jumped on top to get it for us.

Words can not convey the gratitude of this village to now have ample running water for all 105 homes.  Sr. Juan told me that on some days, the power of the water flow has been know to blow a pipe which then needs repair…..but he smiled as he told of this ‘problem’.

Following our trek to the water tank, Vilma demonstrated her new skills of checking blood pressure with the new equipment Maynor had delivered to her that day.  I am glad to report that it was at the bottom of the hill that she took my blood pressure and not at the top…or it may have been over the top.

It is awesome to see what a bit of empowerment can do for a community.  With the strong leadership of the village leaders, funding from those blessed by God, hard work by the locals, and visits from missionaries, the face of Teo is richer today than a year ago.  And we are richer today for having been a part of their day and having spent time is a remote village which has great wealth.  Wealth in what pleases God and not man. ….To Him be all the glory!