A day in Teoxintales

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As some of you know, one of the groups that canceled had planned to build student desks and benches for a small school in a pueblo in the mountains, Teoxintales. ‘Plan B’ led to them being built locally and yesterday and today, they were hauled up the mountain to the school.
This is Juan Jose and his son, who came this morning to pick up the last of them and lead the medical brigade to the village. The route is only 18 miles but it took 1 1/2 hours due to the terrain and elevation.

A view of the Quimistan Valley en route.

Dr. Elsa and nurse Edith evaluate a patient.

Peeking in to see what is going on:)

A total of 65 patients were seen today and most of them were women and children.

One is a coconut for decoration and the other our ‘ help’:)

The desks and benches stored until Monday.

Following our ‘office hours’, we walked to Juan Jose’s house for lunch and passed these happy clients.

This young man, Johnnie, has a smile despite the condition in which he lives. Neither he nor his brother attend school.

Preparing to receive lunch which was delicious!

Johnnie was eager to climb a tree to chop some fruit for us. Note the machete in the back pocket….I was glad we had a doctor on site but thankfully, we did not need her.

Dr. Elsa, her son, Carlos, and Jacob enjoyed the creek….especially Carlos.

Our host family, new friends, in Teoxintales.