A Day of Blessings

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“God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good. And when I pray, it doesn’t always turn out like I think it should. But I do it anyway. I do it anyway.” These are the words to a Martina McBride song which Donna used yesterday morning for our devotional. They have really touched us today as we have seen much that our North American eyes have struggled to grasp. This morning Callie, Emory, Jeff, and Andrew were headed to Pinal to deliver book bags for the children there. Due to torrential rain last night, the road was washed out, and so they offered to help around Martha’s compound. When taking a truck load of our trash to the local dump, they were met by children who promptly searched the bags to find whatever they could. That’s tough to witness. This afternoon we visited homes and took groceries and supplies to those in need. We completed our work at the eye clinic, read Bible stories to local kindergarten children, and ended our afternoon with the “pounding” of the two families who have received new homes this summer. (Pounding means that we deliver groceries, supplies and a Bible for the families) When we drive around through the pot holes and the mud, we see much poverty, but no despair. You see, our Honduran friends have faith and a strong love for our Lord. We are all wishing that life could be so much better for them, and yet they know no other world. Maybe it is a good thing that they are not consumed by all the material possessions that tend to get in our way on a daily basis.

If you think we are all down and out tonight, don’t worry. We have celebrated Janice’s and Avent’s birthdays at Mehia and Goyita’s restaurant (complete with Sponge Bob party hats). We wanted to thank our Honduran friends who have been working so hard to make us comfortable this week, so we treated them tonight. Goyita even made fried chicken and French fries! After dinner we sang and laughed. It’s getting quiet now. I am sure that there will be many prayers of thanksgiving tonight for a day full of blessings.

With gratitude for prayers that He answers in His way,

Anne Buffington