A Day of Praise and Thanksgiving

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Today was a busy day! Following a start to our auto-refractor training video, we attended Sunday School held this morning by Martha Scarlett Thomsen here at Delfina Village. Over 50 children took part in the singing, praise, and worship service, which included a snack. Among other things, Martha also shared her testimony, and her nephew Abner gave the message.

Following lunch, we went to the weekly Bible study held for the Agape Promises children at the kindergarten in Quimistan. The younger children met in a classroom, while the older ones met outside. After the study was over, we brought all of the children back to the Village to spend some time with us. (More details about that tomorrow.)

We were also thankful today for the safe arrival of the rest of team, Allen and daughter Karen Livingstone, Claudia Meadows, and Stephen Burdette. The day concluded with a welcomed first glimpse of the sun since we got here.

Good night.



A visit to Little House of the Roses, an Episcopal Group home in San Pablo. The house was started by Dianana Frade, wife of the former bishop of the Diocese of Florida.

There are 50+ girls, ranging in age from pre-k to high school. The girls attend either local schools or the international school, where instruction is in English.

At present, 13 graduates are in college, with one about to finish dental school. An impressive record!

The school provides the services of a social worker, a psychologist, and a chaplain. There are also enrichment classes in dance, arts, & crafts. Some of the artwork is sold to help support the school.

In addition to the group home, there is a clinic, a food ministry, an intensive residential language school, and a retreat center, due to open in March or April in Pueblo Nueva.

It was an informative and uplifting trip. The Holy Spirit was present. Thanks be to God!

John Keeler