A Day of Praise, Worship, and Celebration–Sunday July 19

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Our day started with a devotional by Joshua featuring Scripture reading from Psalm 121, Romans 8:28, and John 14:27. After the stressful events of the past two days, these scripture readings provided much needed reminders that despite the uncertainty here in Honduras, the Lord is our source of peace and we must not let our hearts be troubled nor should we be afraid, for “the Lord will keep [us] from all harm and will watch over [our lives], the Lord will watch over [our] coming an going both now and forevermore.”

After breakfast, we all headed to Martha’s multipurpose facility “the Breezes” for a time of worship and fellowship with about 100 children and a handful of adults from the Quimistan community. The children participated in a time of singing led by two local pastors, Scripture recitations, and a brief lesson led by Martha. She used the illustration of a watermelon to teach the children about salvation and the love of God, exhorting us all to love one another and help hold each other up (in accordance with passage in 1 John 4). After the lesson, we helped serve a specially prepared meal to the children and adults and then had the children join us for a time of parachute games, sidewalk chalk, and the ever popular face painting.

During the afternoon, Martha, Roxanne, Kristen, and Karen headed to Ocotal Tupido for a surprise visit to the First Aid class being taught to a group of about 45 ladies each week by a nurse named Reyna. When we arrived at the church, the students were gathered in their uniforms for class. Martha and Roxanne shared some words of encouragement and then we all circled up for a special time of prayer for the country before the teaching time started.

Upon return to Quimistan, Karen helped Gloria prepare the remaining “baleadas” for the AP program, and Sam, the Livingstons, Gloria and Sandra headed to Sra. Umanzor’s kindergarten to serve the snack to the AP students and say our “goodbyes.” Around 5 pm, the entire team went to La Cosecha for an hour and fifteen minutes of prayer, praise, and worship music followed by another hour and 15 minutes of teaching. Although the skies were cloudy and rain could be seen in the distance, we were able to enjoy the cooler evening air and remain outside for the entire service. Although the service was conducted totally in Spanish, we were nonetheless able to experience the the joy and presence of the Lord as we clapped, prayed, and raised hands in worship together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Following the church service, we picked up Martha and headed to Gloria’s home to join friends and family for a special birthday celebration for Gloria’s 14 year old daughter Bessy. Upon our arrival, one member of the team had an unfortunate encounter with a mud-filled ditch when exiting the car, so she was treated to a private “foot washing” at the back of the home prior to the start of the party. For another team member, the time here provided opportunity to experience the convenience of a rustic latrine across the street–truly an eye-opening experience. Once the party started, though, we all had a chance to partake of Glorias excellent culinary creations and feasted on fried “pollo,” “papas fritas,” salad, rice, Coke, Sprite, and a Felizidades cake, our last evening meal together.
We returned to Martha’s compound for a late evening spent packing and preparing for our departure on Monday morning.