A Day to Visit

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Hola de Quimistan! It has been a few days since my last post. On Thursday, I had planned a trip to SPS with Maynor to purchase supplies but due to the teachers striking and taking the road, we had to turn around. And guess what we did with our unexpected time? More fluoride and anti-parasitic administration! I did not have my camera but you can look at previous photos to get the picture of this activity. The faces change and remain precious but the activity does not. Only one more school to do to complete this 6 month’s need….Alleluia!

Yesterday, Friday, I was off to visit Santa Clara. My first stop after avoiding a stampede of 3 wild horses in the road was the kinder. On Friday, it is activity day and today was play dough day.

I have never seen 9 boys sit so quietly, play with such contentment and share the play dough toys. They were enthralled with each creation….as was I, of course.

This young 5 year old, was showing me from his notebook where he is learning to read and write. He then recited some of the multiplication tables he has learned…..muy inteligente!
Although, it hurt me, I took this sweet photo for all my friends in Starkville, MS:)
( I now must go home and see if I can get some CU bags ….orange is such a prettier color.)

While the children learn, Lencho and Otto continue to work very hard on the project.

As you can see, they have made good progress without the planned help of the missionaries.

For the June and July groups, we made a very muddy trip to the farm just for you:)

This is ‘your’, ‘our’, ‘their’ bean field in bloom.

And we even have beans growing! To God be the glory as we surely did not know what we were doing as we ‘helped’ plant the seeds.

When we returned from the farm, I delivered a sewing maching which had been donated for the women’s microinterprise effort, Spanish books for the kinder and a few other supplies. Then is was time to vist with my especial amiga. Another sweet gift from my Father.
Upon return to Q town… as it was Friday……another trip to the Barrio of Tejeras for the Highway Feeding Program:

We were thrilled to see them set up and meeting at the new shelter. They were singing a song of greeting upon our arrival. 69 children and youth were fed …..PTL!

And I was so glad that I had taken ‘bubbles’ to give to the children. It was a good ending to celebrate their new shelter. Thanks to my sis-in-law for donating what was left from her son’s wedding……the heart on the top expressed Jesus’ love for them all.

Prior to going, I had counted them and only had 58 but somehow, every child that wanted one, got one and Omar got the last one for his wife. God is so good and I love it when He reminds me in such a sweet way.