A Fistful of Mook

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The group split and went to two different places today.  One back to La Montania to continue on Rosa’s pila/bathroom, the other to Santa Clara.

Danielson insists our pila will be the strongest any group of loco Americanos has ever built in the country of Honduras.  Mark is reenforcing nearly every layer with rebar.  The dirt is packed.  The foundation is deep. We’re packing with grade-A mook.  And the Sepultura blasting through the mini stereo system galvanizes. 

All the plumbing is complete.  The only way to go is up.  

No rushing perfection

Stutts packing the inside of the pila with dirt

Stutts, Eric and Minor 69er shoveling dirt for pila packing
Up, up and away
Danielson digging a hole under the foundation to run a
drainage pipe from the toilet
Seven layers of block
Chris packing mook

The group that went to Santa Clara:

Perry, Victoria, Aaron, Hunter, Kay pasa, Lorie, Graylan and Lucas

This group spent their day hauling bricks and digging up dirt laden with rocks.  They were initially supposed to plant banana trees, but the trees didn’t arrive as scheduled, so they leveled ground to prepare for future mook pouring.

Hunter, Aaron and Perry digging through a nasty pile of dirt/rock

Stacking bricks

Kay pasa celebratory dancing

Tonight the whole group went out to eat at Comedor Don Fermia, including Danielson, Saundra and her family, Gloria and her family, Minor and his lady, and the Hernandez family we got to know well on the Gloria job last year.  The kids played fútbol afterwards and arrived back at the compound in the pouring rain at nine or so o’clock tonight.