A Friday of Peace in Quimistan

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Buenos dia de Quimistan!

Due to the classes of most kinders and schools being closed for the strike, no fluoride treatments were given. I spent the morning doing necessary things like laundry, paperwork….sorta’ just like being in Aiken:)

In the afternoon, I spent some time with Maynor developing spreadsheets to ease his recording and then we ran errands. We stayed in Q town due to road closures and threats due to Zelaya’s activities.

I popped by the concina project at the kinderllate in the afternoon:

At first I found only Obin, Hector and two other boys working.

Obin, el jefe.

Shortly, help arrived from the other work site of the Pinto Construction team.

(For those who have been coming for years, the young man to the most right is Chepita, Grecia’s ‘little’ brother. He is now 14 and in high school. We reminisced of years ago having a Twister competition on his front porch. Of course, our memories differ on who was the champion:) Oh, the years fly by!)

Believe me, this is not as easy as it looks….the bucket is full of cement!

Down the hatch, and a column is made.

Friday Afternoon: Ministry of the Highway

Prayers of thanksgiving are offered.

Even the smallest is fed.

I think he likes his supper?

These sure did as they lined up for seconds or thirds looking for more nutritious soup in the big pop of Gloria.

And at least one, left very happy and full…..to God be the glory!