A fun-filled day with God’s children.

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                  This morning we went to observe Sandra’s Sunday school lesson at Tejeras.  As you notice, she uses hand drawn visual aids tacked to a tree. The wind made it difficult for the children to see the aide clearly.   

The mission team authorized Maynor to purchase a portable easel locally for Sandra’s use.  The children were very attentive, the older ones taking care of the little ones and paying attention to the lesson in spite of the heavy truck traffic just 20 feet away.  
                In the afternoon we traveled across town to the AP Bible School.  All but 4 of the AP children were in attendance.  Tommy immediately started to take two portrait pictures of each child, copies of which will be sent to each of the sponsoring families / organizations.
  Vilma, our AP graduate and now college student sponsored through HAF continues to do a marvelous job in teaching the lower grade students while Ana keeps the attention of the middle school students. Both teachers get the students involved in the lesson.