A Meeting With Tejeras’ Leaders

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Dane and George met with Omar and the other Tejeras community leaders.  We first thanked them for this opportunity to meet with them, which taught us some interesting history of the community.  People have lived along the highway for over 40 years.  None of the families own the property they live on; all are squatters.  Most of the school-age children attend either Valley of the Light school or Francisco Bogram school in town.  The HAF-funded feeding of 2 meals per week and the deworming medicines have improved the overall health of the children of Tejeras.
The greatest need of the community is a reliable water supply.  Almost everyone in the community gets their water from the river.  City water is not the answer because the system does not have sufficient pressure to supply water up the hill.  They would like a well that could supply the entire community.
Most of the women of the community would like a Justa stove.  They will provide us with a priority list of potential recipients.
Many families use the public health clinic in town, but since the clinic has few medicines, many are not helped, as they cannot afford to buy the medicines they need.