A Moment for Sharing the Love of Christ

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As part of our team was getting ready to depart for home on Thursday, we took time to give thanks for the many blessing we had received during the week. Holly led us all in a service that included celebrating communion. Our support staff, Gloria and Sondra, our translators, Debbie and Daniel, Maynor, Elmer, the bus driver and Marvin, his assistant, joined us.

Holly asked us to reflect on where we had seen God during our time in Honduras. To listen to the feedback was very special. The sharing of the elements with all was an unbelievable experience. Emotions were overwhelming and we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Tears flowed as we said farewell to our teammates.

As previously noted on the blog, before we left home Holly gave us all bracelets with the words, Watch for God. During these special moments it felt that God was watching us.

June and Ken