A Plan Has Come Together

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There are great debates in Presbyterian Theologian circles about whether God sends the equipped or equips the sent.  Of course there are Biblical examples and modern day examples of both.  I have to say that I have never been on a Church Project before where I have had such an overwhelming feeling that this team was specifically constituted AND equipped for a “purpose” by God.

How by chance could we humans have put together the calm organizational skills of Allen; the group play skills of Larry, Dee-Dee, and Kay; the bubble and tattoo skills of Pat, Lorraine, and Betsy; the glasses fitting skills in the midst of uncertainty of Paul, Russell, and Francoise; and the behind the scenes exuberance of Sam?  This team was uniquely constituted to do a specific mission to the country and mountain villages of Honduras… And we are doing just what God expected.

What a blessing to all of us to be a part of such a uniquely constituted team, and to be given an opportunity to play a part in God’s great plan.  This did not happen by chance.  It could never have.  The odds are too great for such a convolution of people, talents, and needs.  The only answer I can see is that God , personally, has called us who are equipped AND equipped us who are called.  What fun it is to see “a plan come together.”