A pleasant repeat of yesterday, but closer to home and a treat

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Tuesday was generally a repeat of yesterday but with a surprise.  The drive in the morning was less than an hour to Banderas, west of Quimistan, which was quite pleasant.  Upon arrival we set up the hygiene clinic and treated 55 students, leaving supplies with the teachers to treat the missing 8 children.  While the vision clinic team was examining the adults and dispensing 36 pairs of glasses, the traveling missionary thespians entertained the children with the story of Jonah and the whale, teaching their audience the North American version of “Where is Jonah?”  The children responded with a local Honduran version of the same song and then with pride sang the national anthem of Honduras – what a special treat!  The team presented all the children with sunglasses.
We enjoyed our traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches–this time with bananas and fresh fruit available—for lunch “back at the ranch”.  Back in the busito we traveled to the nearby Luz del Valle to treat the 32 children.  Tooth brushes and de-worming tablets were left for the absent 8 children.  Following the hygiene clinic our traveling acting troop again presented the story of Jonah and the whale along with the sing fest.  Sunglasses were again handed out to all the children.
On the way home to the ranch we stopped by Maynor and Jessy’s new home.   As Jessy was at work, we were greeted by the babysitter and invited in.  Maynor proudly gave us the special tour of the house, and then we were introduced to his mother, who lives nearby.  We all marveled at what has been accomplished in such a short time. 
Finally back at the ranch the team rested and rearranged all the supplies to facilitate the moving of the dental equipment to the hospital Wednesday morning.