A Special Tejeras Feeding

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We visited the highway community of Tejeras for the Friday evening feeding session.  There were about 50-60 children and a few mothers there.  As usual, the children were all seated and waiting patiently to be served.  Their meal consisted of tortillas with beans and meat, and a glass of juice.  Each started with 2 tortillas, and I saw several children put half their meal aside to take home for someone else or for later consumption.  Many came back to get a third tortilla.  It was all very organized and orderly.
One of the girls who led the prayer and served many of the children was Delcia, a recent addition to the Agape Promises program.  I am her new sponsor, and this was our first opportunity to meet.  She is a lovely young lady, and appeared to be very shy when we were introduced.  I hope to get to know her better during the remainder of this trip.