A Very Full and Rewarding Day

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We spent most of the day at La Montanita.  The hygiene brigade set up the hand washing, deworming, tooth brushing, and fluoride rinse stations.  We treated 110 children from pre-schoolers to sixth graders.  Children spewed toothpaste and fluoride rinse everywhere.  This was probably the most enjoyable part of any of the station stops.  I think these kids are ready for a watermelon-seed spitting contest!

We continued our Bible story program of Jonah and the whale.  With the practice of the past two days, we got the program humming like a well-tuned car.  The kids listened to the story, answered the questions, and learned about the universal call of God’s love.  It is not limited to a select few.  Though I suspect that the appreciation of this lesson was a distant second to the whales they made.

We met with the Church leaders to discuss their needs for the spiritual nurture of both their children and adults.  We came away with some insights and a few ideas on reaching the adults.
We also had the opportunity to meet with the post-six grade students.  There were 15 present.  Interestingly, most claimed math to be their favorite subject!  I am sure that would not be the case with a similar collection of American students.  (One did state an interest in dentistry.)  Each is progressing and interested in continuing their education.
We then visited “Juana’s Porch” for our PB and J lunch, supplemented by her excellent coffee and baked treats.
On the way down the mountain, we stopped at Señora Rosa’s house.  She is a widow with two small children.  It has been a gift from the Almighty to be able to help her with a new home.
Next, we visited the feeding at Tejeras, which has, once more, been relocated.  A church is under construction at this new location, so the children will have protection from the weather when necessary.

Later, Tommy & Mandy were able to spend some quality time with one of their sponsored children, which included some shopping and dinner.
We’re all pretty tired this evening, but are already looking forward to seeing what excitement God has in store for us tomorrow!
Tom & Tommy