A week in pictures

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Good Morning,

To satisfy the thousands and thousands of emails that we have received from home, today we will post more pictures than usual. I am updating the blog here in the air conditioning while everyone else is working. Well…. Its all true except the part about the air conditioning. The weather has been quite cooperative, it may be, at times, as hot as it is in Mississippi, but not for long. It stays overcast here for the majority of the day. For those of you that don’t know how the schedule is down here, there are about fifteen in our group. We have several projects going at one time. People can go to the same one all of the time, or change from one to another every day or so. The projects right now are (1) building a classroom for a school, (2) flouride treatments for the children, and (3) operating an eye clinic and trying to fit people with the correct glasses. Here are a few photos from the various projects:

Emory and Avent here are excited after completing the ten minute correspondence course on how to operate the “i”(sp?) machine.

This is Suyapa(Right), the wife of our translator, with a local woman and her new Specs.

Randall and Janice preparing the treatment

Schoolchildren taking medicine to fight against parasites.

Emory explains (in English) exactly how to do the treatment.

As is evident by the thumbs up, these are just two more satisfied customers!

This is Ashlee with her soccer team that played close to where we are builing the school in El Pinal. If you cannot tell, the boy on the far left in the blue shirt is the team captain.

After breaking TWO shovel handles, Jeff thought that the best thing to do was to get Cameron to help hold this one up, while the school children continued to dig the footings.

This is Jeff and a local contractor, Jerso, who is assisting with the school project. Please note the RSC cap that Jerso is wearing.

This is one of the local delivery trucks. We stopped and spoke with the men briefly. We realized that this was definitely a more environmentally friendly, efficient, gas saving delivery service, than anything we have in Mississippi.

This afternoon, some of us are planning on going to a coffee plantation. Check back tomorrow for a full report.