We are a 501-3c non-profit organization dedicated to sharing God’s love

and supporting our sisters and brother in Honduras

Honduras Agape Foundation (HAF) manifests the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Honduras by providing medical and dental health care; education assistance; construction; and support for the community of believers.


In response to Hurricane Mitch in 1999, South Aiken Presbyterian Church of Aiken, SC began an outreach ministry to Quimistan, Honduras. The goal of the early mission teams was to assist in the rebuilding of homes devastated by the hurricane. During those early days, the ministry recognized the fundamental health, hygiene, medical, and educational needs of the people in the Quimistan area.  Acknowledging that all are “saved in the same Blood”, a more formal ministry was initiated.  The resulting expansion in mission scope required a broadening of the base of support.  This occurred through a number of collaborations with churches and civic groups throughout the southeast. This growth and participation by diverse organizations necessitated the establishment of a separate non-profit foundation to manage the work.  In January 2003, The South Carolina Project Agape Foundation was formed.

In July 2007, the Board recognized that its supporters extended far beyond the state of South Carolina and approved a name change to the Honduras Agape Foundation (HAF).


As the needs from the hurricane waned, the role of HAF evolved into a mission that seeks to create stronger, more resilient, and self-sufficient communities in the Quimistan valley and surrounding areas.   It is through the development of long-term partnerships that HAF seeks to enable some of the world’s poorest to reach these goals.  To this end, HAF works with local community leaders to provide medical and health care, educational support, construction of schools and community facilities, and care for the children. In line with building self-sufficiency, HAF encourages and supports the outreach of local Christian believers.

Since the initial efforts in 1999, HAF has supported programs and projects in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Evangelism and Nurture
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Construction Projects

HAF Board

The Honduras Agape Foundation is a 501-3c non-profit organization dedicated to sharing God’s love and supporting our sisters and brothers in Honduras.

Honduras Agape Foundation / Board of Director

Board of Directors

President:  Michael Norton
Treasurer:   Kathryn Wood
Construction:   Dan Wood
Secretary:   Bill Bengstson
Communications:   Tommy Patterson
Education:   Mary Maddrey
Mission Trips:  Chuck Scarton
Christian Nurture:   CIndy Fuller
Tejeras:   Jill Stroud
At Large:   Melanie Mullenax, Jason Hammersley