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Our last day in Quimistan opened with a beautiful devotion from Vanna. She emphasized we should allow God to dwell in us in every and each thing we do. He has showed us an amazing group of people, who love him fully and without embarrassment even in the face of great adversity. However as we return to our daily lives in the U.S., we cannot just simply readjust our priorities as a result of our Honduran experience. God has no desire to be top priority. He does not want to be a part of our lives, even if it is the largest part. He instead wishes to be present for every part of our life. If we allow Him to do that then his love can flourish and truly become alive through us.
Well pretty quickly we figured out our plans for the day were irrelevant. God decided all of Quimistan Valley should be covered by an unrelenting downpour. No work was done this morning at the schools or construction sites. Instead we were able to very neatly refold all of our clothes, pack, finish books (team recommendation: The Shack by William P. Young), and fellowship. It was a great time to absorb the events of the week and prepare our hearts and minds for the return to the United States. In the afternoon, a few team members were able to return to the dump we visited earlier in the week. The way the children ravaged and picked through our trash that day struck particular nerves very deep. We were able to pack rice, beans, and fried chicken into individual bags that were hopefully split evenly amongst the twenty odd people who canvas the road into the dump. We also toured previous home sites, went to the supermarket, picked up our large order of machetes, and visited La Flecha for souvenirs (all in the rain). All our loose ends have been tied and the week has come to a gentle conclusion. We thank you all for your interest, comments, and prayers. Pending our travel tomorrow, all that is left to say is……….ADIOS!!!!

Brittany Klein