Adopt a Village – Visit to Las Montanitas

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This afternoon, five mission team members went with the medical brigade to Las Montanitas, a village First Presbyterian Church in Aiken has adopted for 2009. Las Monitanitas means “little mountains.” The village sits in a small valley surrounded by large mountains. It is a peaceful location that reflects the beauty of God’s creation.

As we arrived, many of the children ran out to greet us with big smiles on their faces. It is a typical example of the villages in Honduras reflecting inner happiness and faith in their God, although they have little in material things.

People lined up outside the local three-room school awaiting their visit with Dr. Elsa and nurse Edith. This team performs medical exams and dispenses medicines without cost. Today, the medical brigade saw 55 patients.

About 100 families live in this agricultural area, with no available electricity. Over 125 children attend the local school, which provides classes for kindergarten through 6th grade. For children who want to go on to the 7th grade, they need to travel to a village 20 minutes away. No public transportation is available, so they are dependent upon rides from local residents who may have a car. As a result, not many children receive an education beyond 6th grade.

As the team headed back down the mountain to Quimistan we reflected on what a blessing it was to share our love with these wonderful people.

Ken and June