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Today, another day blessed by our loving father, was as preciously enjoyed as the first day we arrived. The sun rose, breakfast was mucho grande, and the drivers were happy as always to drive us to our mission of the day. I love starting the day out in prayer and it’s always a surprise to see what God has laid on Chris’s heart to read from God’s word of love.

The ride to Rosa’s is a bit of a drive but that’s okay. I love sight seeing, taking pictures and videos of the life of Honduras. There is a wide variety of people, houses, and dogs. Some people are hanging out at their home, working at their stores, standing on the corner talking, riding their bikes, selling some fruit. Drinking water or eating frozen, flavored ice from a bag. Children walking to school in their cute little uniforms reminds me of when I was in school since I had to wear a similar uniform for 12 years attending Catholic High School. The towns are busy and I love saying hola and smiling real big to just about everyone!

After riding through town there is a nice, bumpy drive before reaching our destination. The beautiful sight of God’s world is breathtaking. The view is wide open with green land and high mountains. This sight reminds me to pray and take a moment to talk with my father. Sometimes there are cows in our way which is really cool. Anything that happens on this trip that wouldn’t happen at home I fully take advantage of enjoying every moment.

We don’t waste any time getting to work after we arrive to Ms. Rosa’s. I love seeing the children which is one of the main reasons why I’m on this trip. I prayed many times about how awesome and heart fulfilling it would be to be with all the children in a different country. So today I had tattoos and candy as usual! I always like taking a little extra cookie for the puppy. I have had the pleasure of hiking for the past few days which always puts my body to the test. Even though my legs burn and I can barely breath by the time I reach the top, its worth the hike. Its rewarding to know that I’m making a difference in someone’s life who lives at the top of the mountain.

The swimming hole

Coop playing with the kids
The Trail of Pail
Me and two of my friends

We’ve built four stoves so far! I’m a professional at it now! Not really, but I’m really good at making the stoves look really good. Besides helping make another stove today, I got the chance to go swimming with the kids!!! They jumped from the rocks, splashed each other with water, and laughed and had a great ole time! We were catching tadpoles and putting them in a plastic bottle but then we let them go. This made me miss my son in a way because he loves doing all of these things.  When it was time to go one of the little girls was trying to tell me that I only had one shoe. Which meant that one of the little boys, Oscar, took my shoe and hid it! Luckily I didn’t have to walk back with one shoe on, due to my special friend Danny who found it for me. Making these kids laugh is the highlight of the day.

Each day here gives me a feeling of God’s presence. Whether its feeding the families, making the kid’s laugh, helping improve their everyday living with a stove, learning about others, or just being involved and caring about someone else other than yourself is a God connection. That’s the connection I want!


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