Another Donut Please!!

Today was much dryer than yesterday.  I am amazed at how fast the water disappeared!  I mean we were REALLY flooded last night!

We began the day in La Mountaninia.  I sure hope that I am spelling all of these names correctly!  Michael Norton has left me with the blog and gone off to bed; so I have no way of knowing!

We met with the community leaders in La Mountaninia as well as representatives from the Assembly of God, the local Catholic Church and the Source of Love church.  The team was able to learn about their construction needs for the coming year as well as check in with them about supplies for school and church.  We also discussed the medical needs of the community.  We toured their new water purification facility that was provided by a Presbyterian church from Kentucky.  Very nice for the community!  It also providers them with a way to make a little extra cash selling the water!  The team enjoyed the donuts and café provided by our hosts.

Next we visited the The Three Presidents school and reviewed their request for a new school building.  They are predicting an influx of children next year due to a large neighboring squatter community.  The are running out of space and are in need of an additional classroom.  Adjacent land has been purchased by a group of folks from Pennsylvania that plan to install a large playground for the children.

The team then visited Jardin de Nino Ricardo Majuro.  This kindergarten is in need of screens on their windows.  They have had break ins and have snacks, food and supplies stolen.  They also want a fence to keep out animal, electricity and a pehla.

Off to Los Hors we went.  The school currently serves160 kids and conducts one of its classrooms outside.  This is very hard during the rainy season.  They would like to build an additional classroom and a Principal’s office.  The school has plenty of land for the project.

We ended our day with the Tejaras church service.  Pastor Wilmer did a fantastic job with the sermon!  It was great to see the roof, floor, and electricity in the building. It looks so different from when I was here in April!  Screens are still needed and some paint and a sign for the outside; but what a wonderful place for the people of Tejaras to gather and worship!

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