Arrival in Honduras

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The 6 member July group arrived safely today. We had to sit an hour on the tarmac in Atlanta while they searched for someone’s luggage who didn’t make the flight. We arrived in Honduras about an hour late. After going through customs and getting our luggage, we were met by Daniel and Maynor. The trip to Quimistan was interesting.  There was a big storm that blew trees over on the road; fortunately Daniel was able to miss all the ones on the road. After looking at where we were staying, we had a dinner of fried chicken, French fries, and rice. After dinner the adults planned the activities for  the next few days, while the three youth, Abby, Annie, and Anna, went out and played with the kids. We played tag and soccer with the children. Then Anna found out they liked Justin Bieber so we listened to him on an iPod. Also the kids loved playing with our cameras, so many pictures of them are on our cameras.