Attack on Drainage Ditch Rocks

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In Santa Clara, Arturo and others have installed a drainage culvert under the road that leads to his house and others. There are two very large rocks in the culvert that have been blocking the free flow of water, and the water backs up and covers the road during heavy rains. They asked if we could help remove the rocks. We purchased a sledge hammer and a couple of cold chisels, and spent several hours attacking the rocks, making little ones out of big ones. It was sort of like “Cool Hand Luke” working on the chain gang. We have made good progress, but still have a ways to go.



I went up to Santa Clara today to work with the house builders. It was a good day. In the afternoon, we worked to break up rock in a drainage ditch. It will take another day of work to finish, but the road will be flooded less often because of our labors. It was another chance to tell them that we are here to show the love of Jesus to the people of Honduras. The kids are fun to play with… some of our group gave balloons to them and taught them to fill them with water and then squirt it. There is a sink built sort of like a window box just outside the window of the house just uphill from where we were working, building another house. We were looking up and saw a small pair of hands, struggling to reach to the faucet with a balloon… after at least four attempts, the child finally got the balloon around the faucet and turned on the water. Whoever it was, was really working at it and having just as much fun as we were.

If you still have young children, have some fun with your kids today. They are a gift that you will only have for a few more years.