Coffee Anyone?

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Life is good and God is at work in so many different ways here in Quimistan. After spending Saturday morning at the Pinal construction site and the eye clinic, a select few of us got to take a tour of our dear friend Wilmer’s coffee plantation. The sites and smells of the coffee beans and various fruits gave many of our team members the “perk” they would need for Sunday.

Early Sunday Morning we loaded down the truck with soccer balls, coloring books, and a homemade rope swing, and headed for the Agape compound to spend some time playing with 46 of the local kids. With Frisbees flying and bubbles popping, there was much joy and laughter among both the kids and the team members.

When Sunday afternoon rolled around on the grounds of our humble abode, we met 40 of the boys and girls who are sponsored through Agape Promise. After the children and team members introduced themselves, Anne B. distributed handmade angles, crosses, hearts, flowers and fish (all made by her daughter, Cathrine) to the kids to take home as a reminder to them of Christ love for us. We also ate a meal with the children, had a drama on the story of Ruth, and finished off by having the team lead the kids in a rousing rendition of the Hokey Poke. Though we could all be labeled as professionally trained baby sitters after today, we had a great time with the Agape kids. There was much joy had today in Jesus name, and hey…”That’s what it’s all about!”

Finally, we ended the day by attending the night service at the Agape Church. After the team sang a few of ye ol’ favorite hymns for the congregation, we took our seats to hear the sermon given by our own Randell Foxworth. He was a faithful instrument in the hand of God, reminding us of how God sends us the power of the Holy Spirit through His word. It was a great testimony to the truth and hope that can only be found in Jesus. Great job Senor Randell!

Well, I think we will call it a day folks. Spirits are high here, and there is definitely not drought in the laughter. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for God’s work amongst the people of Quimistan and for the team members. Adios amigos!

With hope from Quimisitan

-Cameron Beaty