Concrete and Coffee

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This morning we set out to Rosa’s house to continue work that the team from North Carolina had started. With the help of Fidel, we were able to pour the supports for the roof over the septic tank. We also helped unload new construction supplies and transport a pile of course dirt closer to the construction site. Our driver, Luis, helped us the whole time we were at Rosa’s.  He toted two bags of concrete that weighed in at close to 180 lbs! We were blessed to have help. We also played with Rosa’s children as well as several neighborhood kids. We gave each child balloons and replaced the popped  ones. Then, we took Rosa’s children on a ride in the wheelbarrow. They giggled they entire time they rode – so sweet!

After we finished our construction work, we headed up to Juana’s house in La Montanita. She graciously gave us fresh coffee and pineapple pastries! We got to see her justa stove, tilapia beds, and coffee still being roasted on a mat.  We were also able to bring a baby scale and splints. One woman had a 3 month old baby, Briana, that we were able to weigh! Juana also showed us some of the embroidery she and the women have been working on recently. After working so hard, her hospitality felt like paradise!

In the late afternoon, we all went our separate ways to  spend time with AP children. Bill went with Tommy to interpret for his visit with one of the children he sponsors. On their shopping trip, Bill was suddenly stopped by an 18 year old boy. Years ago, this boy had been injured very badly. Bill had carried him to get medical help. The boy remembered that so vividly that he was able to recognize Bill on the spot. He even came and spent time with the team this evening! Bill’s experience shows us all what an impact we can make doing even the smallest acts in God’s name.

Hasta Luego!