Cultural Enrichment Trip

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A late posting from Monday morning:  Today we are off to play tourist for a bit.  We let the cook off this morning and tried to burn our own toast along with the fruit they had left for us.  So by 7:00am we were on the high winding road to the ruins at Copán Ruinas.

From Monday afternoon:  The weather is beautiful today and the ruins are very well kept.  Our guide, Marvin was very informative and funny.  So the tour was very relaxed and helpful, getting all our questions answered and pictures taken.  We did see some macaws and agouti (rat like animals about the size of a small cat that they can eat), mot mot, and a few other birds.

A light lunch at the ruins and a look at the gift shop, then to the impressive museum.  Allen said he had to rush through the area when he was here before, and it was nice to truly take your time reading and observing.  It is rewarding to learn something of the rich history of the people of Honduras that they are so proud of.

Monday evening before dinner:  We are at the hotel now.  Some of the guys have even found the Super Bowl on TV, in Spanish of course.  But hey–there is hot water in the shower!!!
Looking for the butterfly farm and a place to eat.