Day 2

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We woke up and ate a breakfast of pancakes. Then we left to go to Martha’s Sunday School. There Annie and Anna did a puppet skit in Spanish. Afterwards we played with the children and handed out beach balls.  We came back to Martha’s Compound for lunch. After lunch Abby, Anna, and Annie played with Rafael. We colored with him and blew bubbles. After that we left to go to the AP Promise school. There Annie, Abby, and Anna did the puppet show again. We all handed out food to the children there and played on the playground with them. We came back and played soccer with the kids on the compound. Then we had a dinner of eggs, fried plantains, and beans. We went to church. It was a very different experience. At the end, the three girls got a blessing to find the right Christian partner, and we think maybe a future fertility blessing also because the pastor’s wife touched our stomachs.