Day 2 (Easter Sunday)or

Skipping the pics for now as troublesome to upload and publish without the computer locking up or some other bad thing happening!!  Easter did not bring chocolate or Easter eggs but we had a great day with the people of Honduras!!  In the morning we stopped at Teheras where they had an Easter morning Sunday school class with the kids there.  Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!!! No accompaniment – nothing but their voices — they were INTO what the music!  I will try to post the video clip of these kids -amazing!  Tim McClendon would have been proud of these kids (he gives the St johns 9:02 crowd a hard time about not getting into the music — these kids were for sure into it)!!!   after church there we helped with the “feeding” there (HAF supports meals for these kids 5 times a week).  We also passed out slap bracelets to the kids for Easter -they seemed to enjoy them!

After Teheras we set out to meet up with Graciella for the afternoon.  We met with several children and their families from the area who were either being sponsored (getting assistance with school costs) or needed a sponsor.  We also met with some kids to drop off gifts from the states (from their sponsors). It was truly a blessing to meet these families -so appreciative for any assistance they have been given!  As we went to different families we distributed dresses that were lovingly made by some ladies in Aiken!  We do have pics of this as well.  Graciella fed us a wonderful lunch while we were there as well!

In the evening we attended church with Graciella!  The folks there were SO welcoming!  They were truly glad To see us!  They even had the bible verses project in Spanish and English – very thoughtful.  Of course we couldn’t understand much – but there was a song we recognized from contemporary version Holy Holy Holy ( Santo Santo Santo) so we could participate!   Great day in Honduras!  The Lord is richly blessing our trip:)