Day 3 ( Monday)

Weekday #1 and we are getting down to business!  First thing in the morning we stopped at Teheras again to drop off school supplies.  The classroom is pretty bare and the supplies are greatly appreciated.  We got a great pic of everyone there so hopefully I’ll post it eventually.  Most of the school supplies donated were from a young girl in Aiken (she raised money for school supplies by selling crafts she made).  This shows how one person (even a 6th grader) CAN make a difference!  It’s like the song says when asking God what are you going to do (about a world of trouble etc) – and God said I made YOU! Awesome example.  We can’t necessarily change the world but we CAN each make a difference.

next we headed off to the mountain village of las pinales! There we first installed a swing set!  The kids were super excited about it but bummed they had to wait a day for the concrete to dry:(  We also had a hygiene clinic while at the school.  The kids were split into groups and went through stations to receive deworming medication, learn about hand washing, oral hygiene (brushing teeth) and receive flouride treatments.  Next we had VBS with the kids.  The lesson was essentially the Easter story with jellybean symbolization along the way.  Marlenie, one of our AP students who is now in University helped us tell the story.  We ended our VBS with a craft where we helped the kids make the empty tomb of Jesus complete with a roll away stone and pipe cleaner crosses!  We made fingerprint Angels on the tomb announcing that “El ha resucitado, tal comI dijo – Mateo 28:6”!!

We returned to Martha’s and spent the evening cutting out items for VBS! great Day!!