Day 3 Nueva Esperanza, Guatemala, and Our First Visit to Tejeras

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Our day began with a journey to the most remote village which we will visit, Nueve Esperanza. The medical brigade has been making monthly trips to the village, but this was the first time that missionaries had tagged along. Dr. Constantino set up shop, letting Brittany and Pablo assess patients while Maynor and Corey filled prescriptions.  Brittany was quite excited to sign her first prescriptions as a “doctor” in Honduras! (She is currently a 3rd year medical student in the states).

 Meanwhile, Sonja gave a tour of her school  to Melanie, Sam , Roxanne and Megan. Slowly but surely, the children warmed to the team, beginning to play with bubbles and balloons. Water balloons were the discovery of the day. Both children and adults loved to play with the “bombas de agua!”

The day was deemed a success when over 40 people had been treated and smiles were on every face. To God be the Glory!

We ate lunch next to a river near the Guatemalan border while watching Vilma and Dr. Constantino swim in the natural hot springs. We did not swim, but most of us soaked our feet for a while in the cool water.

After arriving back in Quimistan, the team aided the esteemed cook Gloria in feeding 50 children in Tejeras- a neighborhood of peole that live literally off the side of the highway. The children were silent as the food was blessed. After everyone received their first bowl, they were allowed further helpings until the enchiladas were gone. Many of the second and third helpings went into containers to be shared with the rest of the family. The experience was at once heartbreaking and heartwarming; the children were polite and respectful in the face of so little!  As always God’s grace can be found among suffering and the images we missionaries take from that scene will spur us to continue to strive to help our brothers.

We ended the evening with our intimate group of six enjoying some fellowship at “the ranch.”  We gathered on the porch to sing, ate a dinner complete with homemade flour tortillas, and portioned bags of rice and beans for our evangelism project tomorrow.

Buenas Noches!