Day 4-Eduardo, Kevin, and Louise

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Annie showing how to brush teeth

Handing out beans and rice

Abby and Anna with their new friends šŸ™‚
The new rail

Louise hiding from the camera
After breakfast we went back to La MoƱtanita. We had to finish painting. The children in the classroom got let out of school so we could paint their classroom. The teacher helped us paint. We took a break and gave the children de-worming medicine and then taught them how to brush their teeth and gave them fluoride. Annie helped demonstrate how to brush their teeth to 3 different groups of children. Abby and Anna played with the children. The boys made a game of running away from us whenever we approached. Sometimes Anna was able to sit by them, but when Abby arrived they ran away. While 5 of us were eating PB&J (Anna got a banana and jelly sandwich), Annie distracted the children by blowing up balloons. We then had to finish painting the room. Melanie, Anna, and Abby left to deliver beans and rice to some of the village people; and Bob, Jeff, and Annie finished painting. As we were leaving La MoƱtanita, Anna and Abby saw their friend Louis, so we had to roll down the window and talk to him. We stopped at the supermarket to pick up more rice, which supermarket man carried out. We had some time before we left for dinner so Abby and Anna went to play soccer with Rafael, Carlos, Josephine, and Maria. We ate a dinner of fried chicken, french fries, rice, and beans at Gojita’s restaurant. The movie Tangled was played for us in Spanish with English subtitles. When we arrived back, Abby and Annaā€™s room smelled really bad because of our shoes–we figure that we are working hard because of the smell from our shoes! In spite of the humorous tone of this blog, we all feel that we are helping the people of Honduras.
The painted classroom