Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tuesday brought more VBS!  We traveled to Luz de Valle (Vally of Light) school where we did our VBS and hygiene clinic.  Our kids have had a ton of fun interacting with the Honduran children here!  They played ball with them in the school yard for quite a while!  The school has PLENTY of needs though so Michael met with the teachers to determine how HAF might be able to provide them with assistance in the future.  We also checked out the ceiling fans that HAF had installed – what a difference it has made for those children!  We have all been thouroughly blessed by our time spent here.

After lunch we split the team with part working on the corn hole boards and the other half on the kindergarten foundation at las pinales.  LOTS of rocks in that dirt;) … Gonna be a big job!  While we were there working at las pinales a news crew showed up with the Mayor!  The Mayor agreed to provide the brick masons to lay the foundation for the kindergarten which will be a help for sure!  Maybe we will get to somehow see the news story while we are here!

Shortly after arriving back at Martha’s, Roxanne and Sam returned home so we visited with them for a bit.  Sam looks awesome and seems to be feeling well.  After dinner we ended the evening at the local soccer stadium where fun was had by all!! We first played soccer and then american football.  Lots of collisions, the most significant of which was when Kaylee laid out Jim (Ellie’s grandfather) … And I do mean laid out!!  He is a tough guy!! She didn’t mean to though and felt really bad – he has had Advil and is doing fine:)