Day 5–La Montañita: Ready, Set, —–(Swallow, Wash, Brush, Spit . . .)

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Day 5: 
Destination:  La Montañita
Purpose:  To share God’s Love in Word and Deed
Method: Fluoride/Deworming/Hygiene Clinic #2, VBS, Meeting with Pastors, Meeting with Post 6th grade education support students
Team:  Brooklyn, Kristen, Karen, Allen, Joshua, José, Dr. Tino, Maynor, Stanley, Tony, Josselin, Ingrid Paola, Maria Estela

Step 1:  Swallow ye all of it!

Step 2:  Wash, wash, wash
              Rinse, rinse, rinse

Step 3:   Brush, Swish, and Spit–Let me see your pearly whites!
Step 4:  Swish, Swish, Swish . . . Spit

Just how many do you think we can fit in one room?  Can you count to at least 120?

You must get it into the can at the other end, but please don’t let it touch the ground!

On your mark, get set, hop!


Simon dice ” . . . ”


Canto Muy Feliz!  (I sing with happiness)   because Jesus came into my life and cleansed my heart from my sin!

Patience, gentleness, and self-control.  Don’t let the ball roll off towel or you’ll have to start over!  Can you and your team accomplish the task?

Are you serious?  No hands?

Studying for success!  Our newest post-6th grade education support students from La Montañita! 

Food for the hungry children of Tejeras!