Day 5-Melby

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After a breakfast of pancakes and fruit, we headed out to Teo. We brought along Daisy from the AP program to help us with VBS.  The ride there was an adventure up the mountain roads. Once there the kids finished school while we got organized to start VBS. We had some time so we blew bubbles with the kids and played with a beach ball. Then we started VBS by having Anna and Annie do a puppet skit,which received a loud applause. After that, we divided into 3 groups. Anna and Abby did crafts, Jeff and Bob did games, and Annie and Melanie did music. The kids really enjoyed playing musical chairs, and Abby and, Anna enjoyed watching the kids color. They also liked espada, espada, escudo (better known at home as duck, duck, goose, but modified to fit the theme of VBS).  At the end we fed the kids a snack of bread and juice. We gave the children de-worming medicine, and Annie taught them how to brush their teeth. After brushing their teeth, they received fluoride.  Many of the kids didn’t like the taste of the fluoride. We took a break for a lunch of chicken sandwiches. Then Melanie, Jeff, Mayor, Daniel, and Daisy headed out to deliver rice and beans to some of the village people. Annie, Bob, Abby, and Anna stayed back at the school. There we played soccer and a version of dodge ball. Anna and Bob handed out silly bands, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and paper to the children. Every time the book bag was open a swarm of children came. The children would tap our arms till they got something, even if they already had one of them. By this time, Anna had to move away from all the kids because they swarmed her into a corner. Luckily a very nice boy, Melby, would tell the kids to back up and be patient. At the end he got an extra big notebook because he was so nice. He used the silly bands to help teach us Spanish animals. After that the people came back from handing out beans and rice, so we left to come back to the compound. We played cards with Daisy, then ate dinner. Dinner was tilapia, rice, and vegetables. Anna and Abby bought macaroni and cheese at the supermarket the other day; and since fish is not their favorite, Sandra cooked it for them. It made them happy because it was American food. We were all tired from our busy day so we headed back to our house to relax. Just as we were about to post the blog on the internet the power went out, but within a minute the generator kicked on. 
Group picture

Workers fixing the screen

Melanie handing out beans and rice

Children spitting

A little boy coloring

Duck, Duck, Goose

Anna handing out stuff to the kids

Abby, Melby, Anna, and Annie
Anna, Abby, Annie, & Bob